Season Five

Episode #501

America’s Wildest Secret, Sage Advice for Sage Grouse, An Ill Wind, Mountain Lions

On a rafting adventure down the Etivluk River in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve, a group of conservationists see first-hand why this immense landscape deserves protection as wilderness, despite its misleading name.

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Episode #502

Protecting Bristol Bay, Dryden, NY – A Town That Stopped Fracking, A Billion Oysters, Fracking

A new decision by President Obama supports fishermen and local communities that oppose the prospect of offshore oil and gas drilling that would threaten the Southeast Bering Sea’s incredibly rich seafood harvests.

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Episode #503

Hogs on the Buffalo, Farming the Upstream, Bison: Reborn to be Rewild

With waste from a new industrial hog farm threatening the purity of the nation’s first national river, citizens raise the alarm and score a victory with a lawsuit.

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Episode #504

Whitefish Range, Back to Organics, Lake Apopka

A widely based coalition of local interest groups campaigns for permanent protection of forests, watersheds and wildlife habitat in a critical northern Montana landscape.

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Episode #505

California’s Coastal Wilderness, Protecting the Gulf, Little Blue: A Broken Promise

Local residents support a bill in Congress to designate new wilderness areas and wild & scenic rivers to ensure permanent protection of treasured public lands in the vast Los Padres National Forest.

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