Segment 802

Urban farms

State(s) featured in this episode: Texas

Taking advantage of open areas in crowded cities like Dallas, urban farmers are growing healthy foods and making profits.

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Segment 807

Under the Magnuson-Stevens Act, commercial fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico use individual fishing quotas to manage red snapper catches sustainably and with far less risk.

State(s) featured in this episode: Florida /  Mississippi /  Texas
Segment 705

With new water rights and a major irrigation project under construction, the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona is gearing up for a revival of an agricultural heritage that sustained them for centuries before white settlers arrived. Public-private partnerships in national parks are saving taxpayers money while supporting critical services, maintenance and repairs. With individual fishing quotas for red snapper, charter boat captains on the Gulf Coast adopt new sustainable practices that provide them with more income and safety.

State(s) featured in this episode: Arizona /  California /  Louisiana /  Mississippi /  Texas
Segment 601

In the largest remaining expanses of quail habitat in North America, ranchers and conservationists work together to manage cattle pastures to provide essential wildlife habitat, especially for declining quail populations.

State(s) featured in this episode: Texas
Segment 602

On the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana, a wildlife-rich wetland and vital industries are threatened by creeping erosion and tidewater flooding.

State(s) featured in this episode: Louisiana /  Texas
Segment 602

Protecting the Chenier Plain: On the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana, a wildlife-rich wetland and critically important industries are threatened by erosion and tidewater flooding. Cattle and bobwhite quail manage to coexist on grazing lands in south Texas – how does that work? Residents in Virginia have a plan to create protected wilderness and scenic areas in the George Washington National Forest, allowing a variety of recreational activities including mountain biking, hiking and fishing.

State(s) featured in this episode: Louisiana /  Texas /  Virginia
Segment 601

Managing public lands: the evolution of the Bureau of Land Management and its role in protecting vast areas of federal land across the nation. Saving the bobwhite quail: the first in a series on protecting vital native grassland habitat for a declining species – this story from the pine savannas of South Carolina. Local communities in northern New Mexico press their case for expanding the Pecos Wilderness to protect a watershed essential to a broad landscape stretching into southern Texas. Scientists study how butterflies use an elegantly efficient organ to sip nectar.

State(s) featured in this episode: New Mexico /  South Carolina /  Texas
Segment 403

Port Arthur, Texas, terminus point for Keystone XL crude, is also the home of Hilton Kelley, a local activist with plenty to say about life in the shadow of big oil.

State(s) featured in this episode: Texas

The pipeline would carry tar sands oil to Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas, where refineries are the core of the region’s oil-based economy.

State(s) featured in this episode: Texas

A new documentary explores one man’s personal challenge to the power of the oil industry and the KXL Pipeline.

State(s) featured in this episode: Texas

With TransCanada using eminent domain to seize their land for the Keystone Pipeline route, Texans like Julia Trigg Crawford cry foul.

State(s) featured in this episode: Texas