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Engaging with leaders in the conservation movement, This American Land explores the protection of our natural heritage and the critical issues impacting America’s natural landscapes, waters and wildlife.

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Ep. 00: Trailer

Engaging with leaders in the conservation movement, This American Land explores the protection of our natural heritage and the critical issues impacting America’s natural landscapes, waters and wildlife.

Ep. 01: Protecting Our Public Lands with Ed Arnett

In this inaugural episode of This American Land’s new podcast series, Gary Strieker talks with Edward Arnett about the importance of public lands and the unprecedented threats facing them today. Arnett is the host of our series on public television nationwide and is a passionate advocate for the public lands that all Americans own, providing us with recreation, solitude and inspiration.

Ep. 02: Sage Grouse on the Brink with Brian Rutledge

As their sagebrush habitat is disturbed, burned and fragmented across the West, sage grouse populations have declined dramatically to a fraction of their former numbers. An historic multi-state effort to strengthen protections for sagebrush has been shelved by the Trump Administration, and conservationists are scrambling to keep protections in place. Gary Strieker talks with the Audubon Society’s Brian Rutledge, a major player in the campaign to save sage grouse.



Ep. 03: Repairing National Parks with Marcia Argust

From Yellowstone to Mammoth Cave, America’s national parks are in dire need of essential repairs and maintenance, a backlog that now totals nearly $12 billion after decades of neglect, and Congress needs to authorize funding to pay it. Gary Strieker talks with Marcia Argust, the director of the Pew Charitable Trusts’ campaign to restore America’s parks.

Ep. 04: Big Bad Wolves with Carter Niemeyer

Host Gary Strieker talks with wolf specialist Carter Niemeyer about the history of wolf eradication, the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park, the continuing campaign by some ranchers and politicians to limit the spread of wolves to wider ranges, and the outlook for wolves in the West and the Great Lakes region.

Ep.05 Threatening the Endangered Species Act with Noah Greenwald

Since 1973 the Endangered Species Act has empowered the federal government to save bald eagles, brown pelicans, peregrine falcons, California condors, American alligators and a wide range of other animals and plants. But there is an active opposition to the Act that threatens to weaken it. Gary Strieker talks with Noah Greenwald, Endangered Species Director at the Center for Biological Diversity.

NOTE: Since this episode was recorded, new regulations under the Endangered Species Act have been issued, and we will devote another episode to these changes and their impact on enforcement of the Act.

Ep. 06: Grizzly Bears with Louisa Willcox

In 1975 grizzlies were listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, and since then a back-and-forth legal battle has followed attempts to de-list them and allow hunting of grizzlies outside national parks in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Gary Strieker talks with leading grizzly advocate Louisa Willcox.


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